Letters from the start-up frontier

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*** The Early View from London ***

My series on the UK technology start-up community, written for Megabuyte in 2012-13. This followed on from my series about start-up life and tech trends in Silicon Valley (below).

* Real time data: Right here, right now. Interviews with GoSquared and Geckoboard – read

* When ‘new media’ is just media: Content monetisation. With interviews with Taggstar and Playmob read part 1 / read part 2

* Big Data, big bang: Change as the new constant read

* Scrum, and keeping the start-up spirit aliveread

* Let’s fill this town with start-ups! Interview with Seedrs – read

* Land of plenty: Angel investors and the London opportunity. Interviews with Seedcamp and Passion Capital – read

* The fundraising experience for London startups. Interviews with company founders – read

* Is London the hottest place in the world to be a startup? Interview with Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital – read

*** Letters from the West Coast ***

My series about start-up life and tech trends in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, published in Megabuyte in 2012.

* The magic in the Valley. What is it about Silicon Valley that makes it such a dynamic place to start a business? – read

* The social revolution. Interview with Yammer, plus how social tools are changing how businesses collaborate and create – read

* The mobile internet takes shape. Interview with HotelTonight, with notes on internet evolution from Spirent – read

* The dark art of content monetisation. Interview with VigLink, with notes on mobile advertising from Blinkx – read

* The innovation cycle: The agony and the ecstasy. The trouble with innovation and keeping the start-up spirit alive – read

* The view to Britain: How is Britain’s technology scene viewed from the West Coast? – read

Published by Jessica Furseth

Journalist; Londoner.