Future of the Wick: “Most people do want to embrace change, but they want to be part of it.”

Published in The Wick newspaper, November 2020. (Online version.) Rapid gentrification has caused extreme changes to the artist community of Hackney Wick & Fish Island. But coronavirus has brought about a new focus on collaboration and with it, a new optimism.  Stour Road Bridge is finished, now taking pedestrians across the water from Fish IslandContinue reading “Future of the Wick: “Most people do want to embrace change, but they want to be part of it.””

Lockdown lessons for the future of work

Published in BusinessLife, June 2020. Original article p 59-61. When the world locked down in March to fight coronavirus, most knowledge-businesses already had the technology in place to disperse their workforce. People created makeshift offices in their kitchens or bedrooms, propping up their laptops to resume office life via video: “The technology of remote workingContinue reading “Lockdown lessons for the future of work”


Published in Kinfolk #53, March 2020. (PDF here.) Ai-Da Meet Ai-Da. She’s a promising young artist who’s earned a million pounds in her first year of selling. She’s also a robot. Jessica Furseth visits her studio. Ai-Da looks up from her worktable as I walk into her studio, locking eyes with me over her pencilContinue reading “Ai-Da”

Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross

Published in Huck Magazine, May 2019. Original article here. Raves and resistance: the hidden history of Kings Cross The Disappearing City One of the most rapidly developing parts of the city, Kings Cross has a proud record of political activism. But if you dig a little under the surface, you’ll find much is still there.Continue reading “Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross”