I’m Jess, a journalist in London.

I write about culture, technology, and urbanism. I’m interested in why people do what they do, life in the city, how technology is changing the way we live, and geekery in all its forms. My most viral stories have been about bacon, and ‘Africa’ by Toto, because the internet is often wonderful.

Hire me / say hi: jessica.furseth@gmail.com

Reported features:
* The sound of silence from noise-cancelling headphones is the ultimate survival tool for modern life – The Guardian
* Who is the city really for? On gentrification, the mis-managed Olympic legacy, and the last glory days of Hackney Wick – Huck Magazine
* The colour of your city: How random acts of history created colour patterns that determine how we build cities today – Curbed
* Welcome to the wild, necessary world of online medical advice – The Cut / New York Magazine
* The art of imitation: My family’s favourite fake painting – Hazlitt
* Pints at dawn: The last days of London’s earlyhouse pub culture – The Guardian
* The hidden sexual side effects of pre-cervical cancer treatment – Tonic / Vice
* How terrazzo made its staggering comeback – Curbed
Got Stan Smiths? Why urban creatives flock to heritage brands – Quartz
* Chasing ghost signs: On how the city is full of messages – Hazlitt
* Sutton and Sons’ vegan fish and chips carries the fusion tradition in East London – Out of Office / Mic
* How I learned to stop worrying and love gaming – The Guardian
* Our fridges, ourselves: On home tech, culture shock, and expat life – Curbed
* ‘Like’ if you support my divorce: On a digital world dilemma – The Outline
* On the misplaced shame of getting PTSD from “everyday” events – Tonic / Vice
* How Birkenstock convinced us all the breaking-in pain is worth it – Racked / Vox
* How listmaking apps help couples share the emotional labour – The Guardian

Essay and opinion: 
* How two cynical divorcees embraced the relationship contract – The Cut / New York Magazine
* Schrodinger’s Cancer – Catapult
* My house was my marriage – Curbed
* The narcissist within: On being a couple that looks like each other – Refinery29
* Why we go back to Groundhog Day again and again – Prospect Magazine
* On Star Trek Voyager, and the things that pull us out of the fire – Catapult
* How to fix a leak in your bathroom – The Billfold
* On accents and belonging – Medium Features
* Notes on a small election – The London Review of Books
* On fashion lost in translation – White Noise
The one piece of advice from my mother that changed how I date – Stylist
What do your tattoos mean? On a private, public statement – Refinery29
What it means to belong to London in times of Brexit – Catapult
On brown cheese, and beautifully boring memories – Roads & Kingdoms