I’m Jess, a journalist in London.

I write about culture, urbanism, agency around health, and how technology is changing the way we live. I write ‘The Disappearing City’ at Huck Magazine, a column about the changing cityscapes and subcultures of London. My most viral stories have been about bacon, and ‘Africa’ by Toto.

Hire me / say hi: jessica.furseth@gmail.com

Selected features:
* Welcome to the Villages of London: How the coronavirus lockdown has transformed urban life – Huck Magazine
* The curse of the British pub refurbishment – Huck Magazine
* The Big Picture: What we lost in the wilderness years of photo storage –  “Finding CTRL” by Nesta and the EU’s Next Generation Internet initiative
* Sound and the city – Curbed / Vox
* How preventative botox became part of “self care” – Vice
* The sound of silence from noise-cancelling headphones is the ultimate survival tool for modern life – The Guardian
* The lost freedom of East London’s strip pubs – Huck Magazine
* Meet Ai-Da, the arts robot powered by artificial intelligence – Kinfolk
* When women are denied pain relief for invasive procedures – Broadly / Vice
* Meet the seniors who CrossFit – Elemental by Medium
The colour of your city: How random acts of history created colour patterns that determine how we build cities today – Curbed / Vox
* Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross – Huck Magazine
* The wild, necessary world of online UTI cures – The Cut / New York Magazine
* The art of imitation: Tracing down my family’s favourite fake painting – Hazlitt
* Å, Norway: A remarkably unremarkable tourist attraction – Popula
* Pints at dawn: The last days of London’s earlyhouse pub culture – The Guardian
* Two divorcees make a relationship contract – The Cut / New York Magazine
* A trip down Greek Street, old Soho’s final frontier – Huck Magazine
* The hidden sexual side effects of pre-cervical cancer treatment – Tonic / Vice
* The last glory days of Hackney Wick – Huck Magazine
* How terrazzo made its staggering comeback – Curbed / Vox
* Chasing ghost signs – Hazlitt
* Schrodinger’s Cancer – Catapult
* Inside London’s secret “love hotels” – Huck Magazine
* How Birkenstock convinced us the breaking-in pain is worth it – Racked / Vox
* How I learned to stop worrying and love gaming – The Guardian
* No fourth dates, and other new dating rules in the age of Tinder – Vice
* Our fridges, ourselves: On home tech and expat life – Curbed / Vox
* The uncertain future of London’s queer spaces – Huck Magazine
* The last graffiti on the Lord Napier in Hackney Wick – Garage / Vice