I’m Jess, a journalist in London. I write about culture, urbanism, agency around health, and how technology is changing the way we live. ‘The Disappearing City’ at Huck Magazine is my series about the changing cityscapes and subcultures of London. My most viral stories have been about bacon, and ‘Africa’ by Toto.

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Selected features:

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* The last graffiti on the Lord Napier in Hackney Wick – Garage / Vice
* What we lost in the wilderness years of photo storage –  “Finding CTRL” by Nesta and the EU’s Next Generation Internet initiative
* Sound and the city – Curbed / Vox
* How preventative botox became part of “self care” – Vice
* Pints at dawn: The last days of London’s earlyhouse pub culture – The Guardian
* When women are denied pain relief for invasive procedures – Broadly / Vice
* How random acts of history determined the colours of our cities today – Curbed / Vox
* Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross – Huck Magazine
* The wild, necessary world of online UTI cures – The Cut / New York Magazine
* The art of imitation: Tracing down my family’s favourite fake painting – Hazlitt
* A trip down Greek Street, old Soho’s final frontier – Huck Magazine
* The case for wearing your noise-cancelling headphones on ‘silent’ mode – The Guardian
* The hidden sexual side effects of pre-cervical cancer treatment – Tonic / Vice
* The curse of the British pub refurbishment – Huck Magazine
* How terrazzo made its staggering comeback – Curbed / Vox
* How Birkenstock convinced us the breaking-in pain is worth it – Racked / Vox
* How I learned to stop worrying and love gaming – The Guardian
* Our fridges, ourselves: On home tech and expat life – Curbed / Vox