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Urbanism and the city

* Sound and the city: How urban silence became endangered – Curbed at Vox
* Terrazzo’s staggering comeback – Curbed at Vox
The colour of your city: The architecture and psychology that colour our cities – Curbed at Vox
Chasing ghost signs – Hazlitt
* The curious skyline appeal of London’s fire drill towers – WhyNow
* Inside London’s secret ‘love hotels’ – Huck Magazine
* The last graffiti on the Lord Napier in Hackney Wick – Garage at Vice

The Disappearing City, my series in Huck Magazine about the changing urban landscapes of London:


A trip down Greek Street, old Soho’s final frontier
* Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross
* The lost freedoms of East London’s strip pubs
* Meanwhile, a garden: The fight to save London’s green spaces
* The last glory days of Hackney Wick
* The uncertain future of London’s queer spaces
* Eel Pie Island: How an island in the Thames became a hedonistic hideaway
* The curse of the British pub refurbishment
* Welcome to the Villages of London: Urban life during the coronavirus lockdown
* How we reignited our love of indie bookshops


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Technology and internet culture

* The Big Picture: What we lost in the wilderness years of photo storage –  “Finding CTRL” (a project by Nesta and the EU’s Next Generation Internet initiative)
Wearing your noise-cancelling headphones on ‘silent’ is a modern life hack – The Guardian (I also talked about this story on BBC Radio 4)  
* Our fridges, ourselves: On home tech, culture shock, and expat life – Curbed at Vox
* Meet Ai-Da, the arts robot powered by artificial intelligence – Kinfolk
* How I learned to stop worrying and love gaming – The Guardian
* How listmaking apps help share the emotional labour of daily life – The Guardian
* ‘Like’ if you support my divorce – The Outline
* How ‘Africa’ by Toto became the internet’s favourite song – Motherboard at Vice


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Food and drinks culture

* Pints at dawn: The last days of London’s earlyhouse drinking culture – The Guardian
* Into the dark heart of licorice – Eater
* Everywhere has a vegan option – so why am I still hungry? – The Independent
* Take care of your potatoes, and you’ll eat for a year – Taste
* What happens when you eat too much bacon – Extra Crispy
* London is full of old pubs with secret Thai kitchens – Out of Office by Mic
* How cast iron became the manliest tool in the kitchen – Vice
* On prepping for a no-deal Brexit – The Goods / Vox
* At the pub in lockdown London – October


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Health and wellbeing

* The wild, necessary world of online advice for UTI pain – The Cut at New York Magazine
* If you could prevent your kids from getting the family illness, would you? – Future Human by Medium
* To fix my back pain, I had to become friends with my body – Well+Good
* When women aren’t given pain relief for invasive gynae procedures – Broadly / Vice (I also talked about this story on the Vice Guide to Right Now podcast)
* On the misplaced shame of ‘everyday’ PTSD – Tonic at Vice
The hidden sexual side effects of pre-cervical cancer treatment – Tonic at Vice
* How preventative botox became a form of self care – Vice
* Meet the seniors who CrossFit – Elemental by Medium
* How Birkenstock convinced us the breaking-in pain is worth it – Racked at Vox
* How we make and remake our memories – The Simple Things 
* Why are Brits so obsessed with Lemsip? – WhyNow
* The BRCA gene, and living with the cancer you may never get – Elemental by Medium 


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Essay and opinion

* Maybe that restlessness is actually unexpressed creativity? – Elemental by Medium
* My house was my marriage – Curbed at Vox
* How lockdown made me fall in love with the phone again  – The Telegraph
* How two cynical divorcees embraced the relationship contract – The Cut by New York Magazine
* On the Museum of English Rural Life, Brexit, and life on a damp island – The Outline
* Remembering our Year of Hell – Star Trek
* Why is the British citizenship test so weird? – Prospect Magazine
What do you do with a 20% chance of cancer? – BuzzFeed
* Half-life: On citizenship – Popula
What it means to belong to London in times of Brexit – Catapult
* The new dating rules in the age of Tinder – Vice
* Life comes back: On Cherry blossom – The Simple Things
* On being a couple that looks like each other – Refinery29
* From Franco to Brexit: The surprising politics of time zones – Prospect Magazine
* On Star Trek Voyager, a lost year, and the things that pull you out of the fire – Catapult
* Even after the divorce, the blowout honeymoon was worth it – Refinery29
* Why we go back to Groundhog Day again and again – Prospect Magazine
* On synchronicity – Lionheart Magazine
* How to fix a leak in your bathroom – The Billfold
* Schrodinger’s Cancer – Catapult


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* How hot dogs became Norway’s national snack – Atlas Obscura  
* The Norwegian call to friluftsliv, into nature where the air is fresh – Well+Good 
* The art of imitation: My family’s favourite fake painting – Hazlitt
* On kveldsmat, Norway’s fourth meal – Extra Crispy
How do you preserve a language while still letting it grow? – Hazlitt
* How Scandinavian pragmatism created the ultimate cheese tool – Taste
Why Norwegians love their country’s strict alcohol policy – Tonic by Vice
* The heartache of being European in Brexit Britain – New Statesman
Å, Norway: A remarkably unremarkable tourist attraction – Popula
* Why are there two distinct ways of writing Norwegian? – Literary Hub
On brown cheese, and beautifully boring memories – Roads & Kingdoms