I work on creative copywriting projects that call for writers with their own initiative for telling stories. My speciality topics are technology, travel, and business innovation. Get in touch to work with me: jessica.furseth @

*** Creative advertising profile for Cathay Pacific.

I profiled the artist Usman Haque for Cathay Pacific, working alongside CNN Create (Turner Commercial Productions) on a creative campaign focusing on the inspirational aspects of travel and flying.

At the 2016 Lovie Awards in London, this campaign was shortlisted in the category of Best Copywriting in Online Advertising.

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*** Journalistic advertising feature for Bitdefender.

I worked with CNN Create or this Bitdefender-branded feature, interviewing the creators of ‘Along Dusty Roads’ about travelling with technology and working while living a life on the road.



*** Promotional features for Airbus and Oracle Team USA.

I created a series of promotional features for Airbus, whose engineers have been working with the Oracle Team USA sailing team ahead of the 2017 America’s Cup. Alongside CNN Create, I wrote the text to illustrate how Airbus and the sailing team draw mutual benefits by combining their expertise in both technology and teamwork.

* Shared values
* Boats that fly
The thrill of the race
* The future 



*** Advertorial features for Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Working with Euronews, I researched and wrote two informative advertorials for the Copernicus Climate Change Service on their work of monitoring air pollution, and the rising sea levels.


*** Promotional series for FedEx.

Working with CNN Create, I wrote an advertising feature series for FedEx. This campaign highlighted how the company extends beyond just deliveries to also aid development and growth for their customers. With case studies of Evolutive LabsMaxplus, Doublju, Pangea Promos, Hyperbola.

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*** Promotional interview features for Schneider Electric.

Working with CNN Create, I wrote two interview features for Schneider Electric, promoting their work to transform two Canadian landmarks – the Fort Garry Hotel, and the Sturgeon Bitumen Refinery – into green, sustainable and future-proof sites.


*** Concept and copy for infographics web series from ANZ Bank.

Think.Brilliant. is a series of infographic-style articles published by ANZ Bank. Alongside CNN Create, I worked to a “creative management” brief, generating original ideas for content before working with the visual team to create the final infographics.

* How much noise is optimal for creativity?
* Collaboration, not disruption: The business model of the future
* The surprising power of introverts 
* How technology is changing business communications 



*** Website text and promotional features for the European Patent Office.

I wrote the copy for the European Patent Office’s CNN-partnered website in 2015 and also in 2014, ahead of the European Patent Awards. Based on technical background materials, I presented the shortlisted award candidates in an approachable and compelling manner.

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Also for the European Patent Office, I wrote three features promoting new environmental solutions, as enabled by the work of the scientists honoured at the European Patent Awards.

* Modern design means green design 
* The car of the future isn’t a hovercar – it’s a cool, clean hybrid
* The green energy solutions that are burying fossil fuels

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*** Promotional travel features for Hyundai.

I wrote two travel features for Hyundai, working to a very flexible brief alongside CNN Create. Here’s my take on what’s amazing and unexpected in New York and Istanbul.
huyndai istanbul


*** Links roundup newsletters for Freeformers.

Working with the team of digital skills trainers at Freeformers, I wrote the weekly newsletter linking to what’s new and interesting in the world of digital.