How to have better meetings: The case against brainstorming

BL Magazine, November 2016. Original article p76-78. How to have better meetings: The case against brainstorming Everyone is prone to groupthink – even the boss. There are better ways for truly getting the best ideas out of people, because true innovation is often borne out of moments of quiet. If you want your team toContinue reading “How to have better meetings: The case against brainstorming”

Georgia O’Keeffe at the Tate Modern

Litro Magazine, July 2016. Original article. Georgia O’Keeffe’s sense of home The Georgia O’Keeffe retrospective is at the Tate Modern, London, until 30th October 2016. “I have things in my head that are not like what anyone has taught me,” Georgia O’Keeffe once said. Right now, the Tate Modern’s retrospective of the pioneering modernist mayContinue reading “Georgia O’Keeffe at the Tate Modern”

Meet Moven, the non-disruptive challenger bank

FusionWire, June 2016.   Meet Moven, the non-disruptive challenger bank Is it actually necessary for challenger banks to re-invent the wheel? No, says Alex Sion, co-founder of Moven. We went to New York to learn how Moven is making waves in the US as a next generation bank that doesn’t actually hold money. What if,Continue reading “Meet Moven, the non-disruptive challenger bank”

Meet Kash, the most exciting payment startup in town

FusionWire, January 2016. Meet Kash, the most exciting payment startup in town Kash isn’t your average scrappy payment startup – the billion dollar retailers have already started knocking. We met with co-founder Kaz Nejatian in San Francisco, to talk about how this startup is gunning to replace credit cards. At first glance, Kash could beContinue reading “Meet Kash, the most exciting payment startup in town”