Letters from the West Coast

In the spring of 2012 I spent a month in San Francisco, speaking to technology entrepreneurs about trends and start-up culture. Letters from the West Coast is the article series I wrote about this for Megabuyte, the specialist technology newswire.

[The Early View is my follow-on series on technology start-up culture in the UK.]

* The magic in the Valley. What is it about Silicon Valley that makes it such a dynamic place to start a business? – read

* The innovation cycle: The agony and the ecstasy. The trouble with innovation and keeping the start-up spirit alive – read

* The social revolution. Interview with Yammer, plus how social tools are changing how businesses collaborate and create – read

* The mobile internet takes shape. Interview with HotelTonight, with notes on internet evolution from Spirent – read

* The dark art of content monetisation. Interview with VigLink, with notes on mobile advertising from Blinkx – read

* The view to Britain: How is Britain’s technology scene viewed from the West Coast? – read

Published by Jessica Furseth

Journalist; Londoner.