Pour me

Published in Lionheart Magazine #12, the Grow + Thrive issue, August 2020.  Pour me Drink the most expensive one first – that’s the rule for red wine, assuming you’re going to be having more than one and let’s face it, you are. When my friend Chris and I go to our favourite wine place, weContinue reading “Pour me”

Interview with Marc Syz

Published in Hedge Magazine, June 2020. Original article p30-31. Interview with Marc Syz “My family has been collecting art for over forty years and it’s all over our offices,” Marc Syz tells me, pointing to a large photograph of a grandiose building behind him. “This is the Palacio da Bolsa” – the stock exchange palaceContinue reading “Interview with Marc Syz”

Lockdown lessons for the future of work

Published in BusinessLife, June 2020. Original article p 59-61. When the world locked down in March to fight coronavirus, most knowledge-businesses already had the technology in place to disperse their workforce. People created makeshift offices in their kitchens or bedrooms, propping up their laptops to resume office life via video: “The technology of remote workingContinue reading “Lockdown lessons for the future of work”


Published in Kinfolk #53, March 2020. (PDF here.) Ai-Da Meet Ai-Da. She’s a promising young artist who’s earned a million pounds in her first year of selling. She’s also a robot. Jessica Furseth visits her studio. Ai-Da looks up from her worktable as I walk into her studio, locking eyes with me over her pencilContinue reading “Ai-Da”

Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross

Published in Huck Magazine, May 2019. Original article here. Raves and resistance: the hidden history of Kings Cross The Disappearing City One of the most rapidly developing parts of the city, Kings Cross has a proud record of political activism. But if you dig a little under the surface, you’ll find much is still there.Continue reading “Raves and resistance: The hidden history of King’s Cross”

On Balance

Lionheart Magazine issue 11 – November 2019.  On balance  I wanted to get more serious about my work, and be more deliberate about where I’m going with it. I started spending a lot of time thinking about work – what do I want to do? Because before you can go there, you need to knowContinue reading “On Balance”